Virgin Media

Waking people up one (giant)
step at a time

Virgin Mobile’s problem: despite having a presence in a crowded market for almost 2 years, they had not managed to drive sufficient awareness or credibly convince consumers that they had a distinctive proposition.

Our approach was to get under the skin of the market. Research revealed deep comprehension and mistrust issues with the sector. This mistrust is fuelled by legacy product/pricing behaviours and communications, that in turn fuels customer inertia, creating ‘sleeping cynics’. This was a perfect opportunity for a challenger brand to wake things up.

We interrogated Virgin Mobile’s product features and found genuinely motivating and differentiated benefits; e.g. Virgin tell you when you’ve paid off your handset, whereas most operators do not.

Our Approach

Expose distinct benefits (in a big enough way) and begin to bring people on a journey of enlightenment

We came to a place of dramatic simplicity; with Virgin Mobile, there’s “Nothing Hidden”. A strategy that boasts clarity and honesty, and reframes other operators as lacking transparency and credibility.

This is a brand worth coming out of hiding for. And so, Bigfoot reared his beautiful head, as the unexpected personification of the ‘sleeping cynic’. The giant character through whom we could channel all our surprising market-shaking brand behaviour. To trust there’s a different way, while avoiding compounding the confusion with mobile operator technicalities!

Now that Bigfoot has been introduced to the mobile public, there are sightings of him all over the place.