Vhi Vee

Your running partner, from your health partner

How do you engage a younger consumer without scrimping on your values?

In a competitive market, Vhi had to ensure that their offering was affordable but realised that it may not be the cheapest – they had to differentiate by continuing to deliver best in class benefits and services. This posed a problem; with young singles and young families just looking for the cheapest option, Vhi faced losing out to their discounting competitors. Vhi needed to give them a tangible reason to buy.

We needed to evolve the relationship that younger customers had with the brand. To see Vhi as a trusted ‘health partner’, not just a health insurer. A brand that adapts to their lifestyle, not a “just in case” requirement.

The Solution

Design a brand experience that would deliver more relevant and deeper engagement

To dovetail with Vhi’s sponsorship of the popular parkrun for amateur runners, we designed a digital running mate. Research found that while health and fitness concerns have never been higher, the big challenge for people is beginning and maintaining a running habit.

This is where Vee comes in — a fitness companion chatbot — the embarrassment-free, judgement-free way to get you going. An intuitive design allows people to engage in simple but rewarding conversation; receiving helpful tips, and recipes.


Through targeted innovative activity, with zero compromise on care or benefits, Vhi has increased its relevance and improved brand image with younger age groups.

6,600 users have had 500,000 conversations since Vee’s launch in 2017. Over half of these users subscribed for updates after one conversation. Most importantly 82% of the conversations Vee had were with people under the age of 44.