Standard Life

End of Career Guidance Counsellor

Standard Life hire a Career Guidance expert and turn them into the first End of Career Guidance Counsellor

Career Guidance Counsellors are employed by schools to help students carve out their career path. But what happens when you get to the end of that path? It’s an anxious time and there is nobody there to help you figure out your next move, to tell you how should spend the additional 2,000 hours you’ll have each year once you stop working. That’s why we created this new role in partnership with Standard Life: The End of Career Guidance Counsellor. And who have they chosen to fill the position? Naturally, the country’s top Careers Guru.

Sharon Smyth, Head of Marketing Standard Life: “We challenged Publicis to deepen our connection with customers as retirement specialists. They came back with something special. To be leaders in this space requires pushing our proposition beyond products to develop services and supports that will help people This is a real position that we’ve created to address a worrying trend that retirement has become a source of stress and anxiety for an increasing amount of Irish adults.