permanent tsb

Innovative performance in digital

In 2018, many permanent tsb customers were not choosing their own bank for loans. We had to dramatically change this in order to reach our growth objectives.

The problem, for most people, is loan application is a drawn-out process, from finding the time to do the application, waiting for approval to finally getting the money. We had to rethink the entire loan process from beginning to end.

We delivered a first in the Irish Market. A new in-app innovation that promised ‘banking at your fingertips.’ Customers could now easily apply for a loan on their mobile, get approval in minutes and receive funds into their account instantly. Then, through a clear performance focused digital marketing campaign, we targeted our customer base at every touch point.

Our campaign

An engaging and fun creative platform

‘Our Loans are now Mobile’ played on the idea that even though it was now possible to apply for a loan from anywhere, there are times when you probably shouldn’t.

The results were outstanding. We answered all performance objectives and overdelivered on the commercial targets. By creating a clear understanding of this new and innovative experience, we answered consumer demand for an easy to use mobile banking service.


From technical innovation to campaign delivery we outperformed our targets by:

+69% incremental application volume
+67% incremental application value
+65% incremental pay-out value

+416K Twitter Impressions (CTR 1.66% vs. target of 1.1%)
+575K Facebook Impressions (CTR 2.23% vs. target of 1.9%)

Direct Mail delivered a 1.84% uplift vs target of 1%